Hello and welcome!

I’m Monica Vest Wheeler, and I want to introduce my friends, Eddie and Ella.

I love these two because they share the same passion I do to educate kids of ALL ages about this most amazing and important part of the human body, the brain.

Despite all the medical advances, we still know so little about the brain and how it works. It’s hard to understand what happens when injury, illness or disease affects the brain.

These issues are hard enough for adults to grasp and accept, but they can be even tougher for many children to comprehend what has happened to a loved one or why they’re “different” than they used to be, all because of something that has changed in the brain.


Meet Eddie and Ella

Your youngsters will join Eddie and Ella as they learn how to recognize and respond to a stroke emergency. Delightfully illustrated, this well-constructed, 8.5x11 inch, 8 page coloring book is a wonderful teaching tool.

Created in conjunction with Strike Out Stroke ( and Retreat & Refresh Stroke Camp (

For every coloring book sold, a portion of proceeds will be donated to Retreat & Refresh Stroke Camp.

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